Gutter cleaning in Edgbaston Birmingham

This is customer called as they had started to get damp coming into their upstairs bedroom. As you can see from the photo they had a large section of moss growing in their downpipe stopping the water to run clear down it. This is extremely common when you do not keep on top of your annually gutter cleans as the debris and moss washes into the gutters blocking the downpipes. We unblocked the downpipe and emptied all the debris from their gutters. The customer was shocked to see how much debris was in their gutters and ensures us they will now contact us annually to empty them out.

As part of our residential gutter cleaning service we remove all growth, moss and whatever else may be in there, ensuring all blockages are removed in the gutters and downpipes unblocked. With annual gutter cleaning and maintenance we can help make sure you never have any issues with your guttering.

We also off free minor repairs and our work is guaranteed for 3 months.

For more information regarding our guttering cleaning service in Birmingham and surrounding areas please call us on 0121 769 2302 or visit our website by clicking here