Conservatory cleaning in Hall Green, Birmingham

As part of our Conservatory Clean and Valet service we clean all of your conservatory roof, fittings and frames, guttering and windows. This helps return your Conservatory to its former glory. As you can from this recent job in Hall Green, the end result is fantastic and even if your Conservatory is very dirty and neglected we can help bring it back to life.

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Gutter cleaning in Bournville, Birmingham

Gutter cleaning is an essential job to maintain your property. Blocked guttering can cause a number of issues, all of which are easily avoidable by having your gutters cleaned and maintained once a year. If you have not had your gutters cleaned within the last year you may want to think about getting them done before the autumn leaves start to fall into your gutters. For more information or a free no obligation quotation please call us on 0121 769 2302 or click here

Fascia, Soffit & Gutter clean in Kings Heath, Birmingham

Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Clean in Kings Heath Birmingham.

In addition to our Gutter cleaning service we also often get asked to clean our clients Fascias and Soffits. Dirty fascia boards and soffits can make a property look far from its best and if you are going to go to the trouble of having your gutters cleaned we would always recommend cleaning fascia boards and soffits at the same time.

It is nigh on impossible to clean fascias and soffits without the correct equipment and we strongly advise against you doing so on the top of a ladder with a cloth and water. The results won’t be great and if you are not confident on a ladder it’s not the best place to be.

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Patio Cleaning in Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas

This is a recent example of our work. When we arrived the patio was tired and in need of a good jet wash. With our equipment we can remove plants and ingrained dirt from the surface of the patio, returning it to a fresh clean look.

Our customer was considering having the patio replaced but they were so happy with our patio cleaning service that they decided to just get it cleaned once a year.

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Gutter Cleaning in Kings Heath Birmingham

Here is an example of what can lurk in your gutters. Our customer was complaining of damp in their room and suspected the gutters were blocked. We quickly identified the problem and removed all blockages and debris from the gutters using our sky vac.

Unfortunately, many customers only call us once they are aware of a problem. Often this is water running down their walls or damp in their bedrooms, all of this is easily avoided by having your gutters cleaned once a year.

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