Driveway, Fascia and Window Cleaning in Hollywood, Birmingham

I received a call before Christmas from this customer and they were in the process of having some roofing works done around their property and wanted us to provide them with a quotation do a full exterior clean, pressure washing the driveway and path, cleaning all of their fascia boards, windows and garage doors. They accepted our price and were happy to get booked in for after the new year once all the builders had finished.

We use high power professional pressure washing equipment to clean your drive, removing years of built up growth and dirt. As part of our Driveway cleaning service we also re-sand your driveway to ensure many more years of use.

I have since spoken to our client who is very happy with the works and we are going back out tomorrow to re-sand their driveway.

For more information on our driveway and patio cleaning service please call us on 0121 769 2302 or visit us here